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Lets do a link swap.....Send us yours - we'll send you ours

Lets do a link swap.....Send us yours - we'll send you ours

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Gab, gab, gab

TIMVS show keeps your video on file.  We will continue to use your video in future shows. Unless you notify us in writing that you no longer wish to be in our video library.
We are always looking for new avenues to expose the show. 
Does TIMVS own the rights to my video when I sign the release form.
NO! You own the rights to your video, we only use it for our show, you can submitt your video where ever you want.  It is your property!
What will the show possibly do for me?
  • Get people to your webstie
  • Bookings
  • Sales

How often do you tape?

We tape 1-2 times per month.  However when we tape we tape 4-8 shows at a time.

How will I know if my video is included in a show?

Your name and  or  link that you have provided will appear on the website.

We do not guarntee that this show will push you to the top.  But you never know who's watching

Due to the amount of videos we have been receiving.   We are unable to get back to some of you individually about the airing of your video.  This is the procedure:  If your video is chosen we will send you the release form.   It could take 3-4 weeks for us to tape an episode.  Once the episode is taped it goes on BlipTV first and then it is sent to the stations that are carrying it.  This could take another 3-4 weeks because we cannot control when the stations will air the show.  You can check the website for updates.  These are not etched in stone sometimes it could be less time sometimes more. 

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